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Barbara. by We Are Scientists. Publication date Language English. See also MusicBrainz (release) [MusicBrainz (release)] ; MusicBrainz (artist) [ MusicBrainz (artist)] ; Amazon [Amazon]. Identifier mbid-c01c0aa1-d07d-4f 9ecf-be

Barbara is the third studio album by indie rock band We Are Scientists, released ( digitally and physically) in the UK on June 14, The release was supported by singles “Rules Don't Stop," released on April 5, , and “Nice Guys,” released June 7, Following the band's split from EMI/Virgin in November

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19 May We Are Scientists – 'Rules Don't Stop' You've probably already seen the super- fun music video for this song (and if not, watch it below – you've been missing out ). And now you can download the track for free, at least to tide you over until the band's next album, 'Barbara', comes out in June.

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