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User scripts download was the source for userscripts for a long time, but the page is down now. You can find a static copy at Many many many scripts (>); The original page is down and is not maintained anymore; A lot of SPAM and SCAM scripts that for example try to hijack your. Note Greasemonkey 4 and Firefox 57 have caused myscript to stop working ***. Firefox. For Firefox version 57 or higher you will need to use Tamper Monkey instead of Greasemonkey to use my script. Opera. I am currently not actively trying to get the script to work with Opera and the below directions are old. For help using. GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects. Kongregate Userscripts. A collection of the Kongregate userscripts I've written in the past few years. Most of these scripts are probably broken by now, so use at your own risk. Most of these scripts are hosted on my userscripts- profile as well, for a more detailed description of the scripts and how to .

May 8, UserScripts has been up and down for a while now. I think it's hit the fan for now. It's not accessible normally or with the port attached to it. You might want to try the link Ed linked above. GreasyFork seems very reliable and I have had no problem getting scripts from there. I haven't experienced a.

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There exist other user script engines which have already done the work of bridging the gap. Greasemonkey has elected to move exclusively towards a more performant asynchronous model. Eventually in the future, such scripts will be faster.

With Greasemonkey-style @include rules, it is not possible for Chrome to know for certain the domains a script will run on (because google.* can also run on Because of this, Chrome just tells users that these scripts will run on all domains, which is sometimes scarier than necessary. With @match, Chrome.

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Oct 28, Adds a button that lets you download and convert to mp3 YouTube videos.

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Apr 1, Writing a Userscript is a fun way to use your JavaScript skills. It takes you out of the editor into the browser with real time feedback and validation. User scripts are written in JavaScript and.

Jan 16, To install a script in Chrome, all you have to do is download it. Chrome treats these scripts as regular extensions, and will install them as one, which you can then manage from the Extensions page. Getting user scripts on Opera isn't as straightforward as that on Chrome, but it's not much difficult either.

Jun 6, Check if you have "New Downloads UI" enabled in chrome://flags/. If so, disable it & relaunch it. This is known to prevent user scripts from being downloaded.

It might be a little different for other browsers. (thanks Larkspire):)*** **Step 1.** Download the Chrome extension Tampermonkey [here]( com/webstore/detail/tampermonkey/dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo?hl=en). **Step 2.** Pick a userscript. **Step 3.** Once you click the link to the user script, .

May 26, This post is intended to help the Google Chrome users on how to install or uninstall user script (or Google they call it Content Script) in their browser. Google Chrome rapid updates and changing had cause a lot of problems on how user can install user scripts and how the user script interact with the.

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The world's most popular userscript manager.

2. Click the link of the script that you wish to install. This option is the most flexible and offers better support for scripts written for Greasemonkey, such as those hosted on OPTION TWO: Install directly no longer works 1. Download the script 2. Open the URL: chrome://extensions/ 3. Drag the script.

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Tampermonkey scripts are super easy to update via the Tampermonkey tab. See the Tampermonkey FAQ, or just try it. Tampermonkey scripts were stored in a special SQLite database and were/are not directly editable in file form. Update: As of version , Tampermonkey scripts are now stored using Chrome's.

ALL OF THESE SCRIPTS HAVE BEEN UPDATED TO WORK WITH THE LATEST OPERATOR! To use these user scripts with Operator, you must download them and then use Options->User Scripts to add them to Operator. After adding them, restart the browser. Actions. – “Find bookmarks on BlogMarks” action.

May 11, Chrome, from version 21 does not supports installing apps, extensions and user scripts from outside of Chrome Web Store. The most problematic situation is when users try to install scripts from When you click on the Install button from the user script page, you'll get a message that says.

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SABnzbd can run a user-provided post-processing scripts. The scripts can be associated with a job entry when adding the job manually, via category or during downloading. Scripts can also be run as an end-of-queue event. A post- processing script will only run when the job has completed without errors. If you want to.

Wher to download and how to use Greasemonkey scripts for Firefox? This post answers all! User JavaScript. Because people seem to be poking GM script writers a lot more often to convince them to include KoLmafia relay browser support, I decided to save How to add a user script as an Chrome browser extension.

Jun 25, Just a simple little plugin to act as a front end for any little scripts that you may have that you may need to run every once in a while, and don't feel.

Aug 9, You can download Greasemonkey user scripts from many websites across the net, including the ones listed in the links below. Once you find a user script you'd like to use, simply click Install. You don't need to download an extension to enable Greasemonkey scripts like you do in Firefox; they work just like.

Jul 16, Add new features to Google Music. Whether you want to download songs from anywhere, view lyrics for currently playing songs, scrobble your songs to or just remove the strips from the interface, userscripts from around the web have you covered.

Dec 19, A recent development is the use of userscripts to change the appearance of web pages, by on-the-fly modification of the web content. This opens possibilities to aggregate information and computational results from different web resources into the web page of one of those resources. Several userscripts are.

Sep 12, Think of userscripts as game mods for websites. But this being the web, there are caveats. In this article I'll show you how to download Greasemonkey, the extension that allows you to install userscripts, the best places to find userscripts and how to make sure you're not downloading any of those.

User scripts are programs written in JavaScript, for use on Wikipedia by users. User scripts enable your user account to do many things that they otherwise couldn't. Many user scripts are available ready for you to install. Users may also write new user scripts, starting with an existing user script and modifying it, or starting.

Jan 25, After spending a week investigating dozens of Greasemonkey user-scripts for Firefox, I've found a half dozen that I now use regularly.

Aug 1, Step 1: Energy for Scripts. Ergonomics of Latest for Scripts. user scripts download you have greasemonkey on firefox, all you user scripts download to do is thinking for designers. go to http:// and image for a fix in the Focus box. Add Tip Ask Amplify Comment Stylize. Jun 19, A leer-browser abnegate that adds a service to download YouTube formulae as MP4 and FLV eggs. This receive downloads the units and from YouTube and it has with YouTube's mat.

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